Light Spray Malt DME - 1lb

Light Spray Malt DME - 1lb

  • $10.49

With Muntons Light Spray Dry Malt Extract, you will be able to brew virtually any beer style easily and efficiently.

No need to draft a complex grain bill, mill the grains, mash and sparge them - you get the wort by simply adding the extract to the boil kettle.

What’s really great is that the flavour of the wort is indistinguishable from an all-grain mash, allowing you to make excellent beers in a much shorter period of time.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond °4.3 (EBC° 10 )

Description: What makes Muntons Light Spray Dry Malt Extract so special is the proprietary production process that results in a very fine and dry substance that is much simpler to handle than most dry extracts.

Brewing with it won’t be a problem at all, as it’s very easy to work with, while also providing the necessary sugars for yeast starters and bottle priming.

Whether it’s an extract brew or an all-grain mash that needs extra gravity to get things right, with this dry extract you will be able to hit your targets easily and with excellent results.

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