Kegland Multi-Gas Regulator Knob - Black [MK3 & MK4]

  • $9.99

This knob for multi-gas regulators is black in color and crafted from high-quality Polycarbonate for durability. It is designed to be used as a spare part or a replacement for the Multi-Gas MK3 & MK4 Regulators. If the adjustment knob on your regulator becomes stripped from forced use, you can easily swap it out with this component.

Compatible With:

  • Multi-Gas 1-Way Primary Co2 Regulator (100 PSI, 3000 PSI) [MK3]
  • Multi-Gas 2-Way Dual Primary Co2 Regulator (100 PSI, 3000 PSI) - 5/16" (8mm) [MK4]

Product Code: KL21906

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