Micro Matic Stainless Steel Beer Tower - Single Faucet

  • $209.99

Like all Micro Matic Stainless Steel Beer Towers, this Single Faucet model has fully integrated 'Anti-Rotation Flats'. What that means for you is that the faucet and shank portion will stay securely in place, so no more loose faucets. It also means that your beer lines will not kink, as the shank stays put.

Approved for commercial dispensing, this single faucet beer tower is now available for you to use at home, and it will hook up to all standard kegs.

  • 1 - Pre-Installed 5' Beer Line
  • 1 - Hex Nut and Neoprene Washer
  • 1 - Mounting Gasket and Hardware
  • 1 - High-Quality Chrome-Plated Brass Faucet
  • 1 - High-Quality Polished Stainless Steel Single Faucet Beer Tower
  • Column Diameter - 3"
  • Faucet Height - 9 1/4"
  • Column Height - 12 1/4"

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