16" X 8" X 3/4" Micro Matic Stainless Steel Surface Mount Drip Tray With Drain

  • $319.99

The perfect solution for keeping your bar top spill and drip-free under your "T" beer tower is this 16" X 8" X 3/4" Micro Matic, Stainless Steel, Surface Mount Drip Tray with a drain.

You can remove the perforated grill for easy cleaning, and the gripping pegs on the bottom of the tray help keep it in place.

  • 8" Width
  • 16" Length
  • 3/4" Height
Included Drain Hardware:
  • 3/8" Nut
  • 3/8" Washer
  • 3/8" Brass Nipple

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