Micro Matic Single In-Line Leak Detector

Micro Matic Single In-Line Leak Detector

  • $243.99

The Single In-Line Leak Detector from Micro Matic is designed to quickly and effectively detect CO2 leaks in your system.

While this product is optimized for dispensing from a single keg, it includes all necessary mounting hardware and labels.

How does it work:

  • This unit consists of a chamber with a small plastic float ball.
  • As gas flows through the chamber, the float is lifted.
  • The amount of gas flow determines the height to which the float rises in the chamber.
  • If no beer or other beverage is being dispensed, the float remains at the bottom of the chamber.
  • If the ball is floating when no beer is poured, it indicates a leak that should be investigated and fixed promptly.

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