Micro Matic Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler Picnic Pump - 4"

Micro Matic Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler Picnic Pump - 4"

  • $151.39

Introducing our 4" Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler Picnic Pump, designed for convenient transportation of your Euro keg without compromising the enjoyment of its contents. This pump features a fully integrated PRV and is ready for immediate beer pumping.

The pump body is elegantly Chrome Plated, while the base boasts a durable Tin-nickel plating.

Useful Information About Party Pumps:

For optimal results, it is advisable to chill your keg before tapping and maintain its chilled temperature. Remember, the keg is already carbonated, so it is essential to keep the handle unlocked in the up/off position. No pumping is necessary for the initial few glasses which may contain mostly foam (set them aside to allow them to settle). Only start pumping when you observe a decrease in flow, and make sure the handle is in the down/on position. Pumping excessively before adjusting the handle correctly will result in foamy beer. This happens because excessive pressure builds up, causing the beer to flow too quickly. A picnic pump should only be utilized for a maximum of 24 hours, and once you have finished, it is essential to thoroughly clean and sanitize the pump before its next use, as with all dispensing equipment.

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