Micro Matic Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler Picnic Pump - 4"

Micro Matic Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler Picnic Pump - 4"

  • $125.99

Now you can take your Euro keg with you and not worry about how you are going to enjoy the contents. This 4", Sanke "A" Style Keg Coupler Picnic Pump has a fully integrated PRV and is ready for you to start pumping your beer.

The pump body is Chrome Plated, and the base is Tin-nickel plated.

Helpful Party Pump Info:

You should always chill your keg before tapping, and keep it chilled. Remember, the keg is already carbonated, so be sure to have the handle unlocked in the up/off position. No pumping is required for the first few glasses, which more than likely will be all foam (put them aside and let them settle). You can start pumping once you notice the flow is slowing down, and only with the handle in the down/on position. Excessive pumping prior to having the handle in the correct position will have you with another glass of foam. Why? There will be a build-up of too much pressure and the beer will flow too quickly. A picnic pump should only be used for 24 hours at the most, and once you have finished using it, as with all dispensing equipment it should be properly cleaned and sanitized before you use it again.

How to Use:
  • Attach the Coupler to the Keg
  • Open the Faucet until all Pressure is Relieved
  • Begin Pumping until the Desired Flow is Reached
  • Only Pump with Faucet Open

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