Light Dry Malt Extract (50 lb)

Light Dry Malt Extract (50 lb)

  • $187.99

Produced from pure malt extract, this light dry malt extract is perfect for improving body as well as head retention in light coloured homebrews.

Vienna and Munich are two types of beer that can benefit from the mild malt taste of this dry malt extract.

  • This is a 100% pure malt extract
  • Comes in one big 50-lb. bag
  • Longer shelf life than liquid malt extract
  • The lightest colour of all malt extracts
  • Great for yeast propagation or starter
  • Good in adjusting and boosting the colour, gravity and flavour of grain beers
  • This is also great for improving the mouthfeel, body, and head of your brew.
  • Easier to weigh and scoop out compared to liquid malt extract

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