CBW Pale Ale Dry Malt Extract (DME) - 1lb

CBW Pale Ale Dry Malt Extract (DME) - 1lb

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To get that distinct malty flavour profile, most British Ales are famous for you don’t necessarily need to go all-grain and use proprietary malt varieties when you have Briess CBW Pale Ale Dry Malt Extract.

Made from Briess Pale Ale malt that is famous for its distinct malty flavour with hints of nuts and biscuits, this extract delivers the signature character in a compact form that will allow you to brew excellent beers much faster.

Add the extract to the boil kettle, and you’re ready to make an excellent Pale Ale, IPA, Golden Ale, Amber Ale, or even Brown Ale or Porter if using partially mashed specialty grains.

Country of Origin: United States
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 6.0 (EBC° 14.5)

Description: Providing an excellent base for all-extract brews, Briess CBW Pale Ale Dry Malt Extract can also be used in all-grain recipes for boosting gravity, adjusting colour, and improving head retention.

By providing a rich source of ready-to-use maltose, this dry extract can also be used for making excellent yeast starters that help you get the right cell count for reaching healthy pitching rates for your brews.

No matter how you look at it, Briess CBW Pale Ale Dry Extract is a very useful ingredient that should definitely be around your brewing inventory no matter what beer is in the works.

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