CBW Sparkling Amber Dry Malt Extract (DME) - 1lb

CBW Sparkling Amber Dry Malt Extract (DME) - 1lb

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When aiming for a pronounced caramel malty flavour in a compact format, Briess CBW Sparkling Amber Dry Malt Extract is just the thing your brewing inventory needs.

Made from high quality base and caramel malts produced by Briess, this malt extract delivers a proprietary mix of ingredients that lend a really pleasant and sensible caramel malt flavour that can be used for brewing malt-forward beers, or providing balance in hop-forward recipes.

Just as using a complex grain bill with several malts, only in a very convenient and efficient format that results in a much shorter brew day.

Country of Origin : United States
Usage Rate : up to 100%
Colour; Lovibond° 110 (EBC° 292.0)

Description: Bries CBW Sparkling Amber Dry Malt Extract lends a deep amber colour and a pronounced caramel flavour that can be integrated into a wide range of beer styles.

When used on its own, this malt extract provides a solid malty base for malt-forward beer styles. But it can also be used in conjunction with partially mashed specialty malts or integrated into all-grain mashes in order to achieve higher gravity or adjust the colour and flavour of the wort.

A really versatile ingredient that is worth having around in your inventory.
Sparkling Amber DME: Product Information & Typical Analysis

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