Roasted Barley - Thomas Fawcett & Sons

Roasted Barley - Crushed - Thomas Fawcett & Sons - 1lb

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The typical beer styles made from this variety are dark ales. It is perfect for Irish stouts. This is an unmalted grain that leaves a bitter flavour for use in stronger tasting beers.

Description: Roasted Barley is a specialty ingredient that is most commonly employed in dark beer styles such as Stout or Porter. It is produced by roasting unmalted barley at higher temperatures, which lends a very dark colour and a distinct flavour profile.

Roasted Barley is best known for the dry roasted bitterness with some astringency, which can be a welcome trait in more complex dark beers. Best used in rates up to 5% of the total grain bill to achieve the desired effect in a Stout or Porter, or even less when used for colour correction in Brown or Amber ales.
  • Usage Rate: 3 - 5%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 490 - 600

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