Pilsner Malt - Weyermann

Pilsner Malt - Crushed - Weyermann - 1lb

  • $1.59

This German style pilsner has malt and honey flavour. It has a good head retention, with considerable body and texture.

Description: Weyermann Pilsner is a very versatile malt that can be used in a very broad range of styles.

Due to its light colour, delicate flavour balance and high enzymatic power, this malt can be employed with any specialty malt or adjunct out there, providing a neutral ground for the additional flavours to shine.

Making up to 100% of the grain bill in traditional Pilsner recipes, Weyermann Pilsner can be used with other base malts in virtually any beer style from Belgian Abbey Ale to Imperial Stout with great results.
  • Usage Rate: up to 100%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 1.5 - 2.2

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