Red Wheat Malt

Red Wheat Malt - Briess - 1lb

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This is a wheat malt with a creamy sweet malt flavour. Used to make traditional Belgian wheat beer, normally used for 30-40% of the mash. For making Kolsch beer, it requires 10-20% usage in the mash. Used as 5% of the mash, it will assist in head retention. Red wheat has a slightly higher protein count than white wheat.

Description: Red Wheat Malt by Briess is an excellent ingredient to brew authentic wheat beers with. Made from high quality wheat grains, it has a higher protein content than typical white wheat malt and contributes to a deeper golden colour in the final beer.

It can be used as part of the grain bill or as a full-scale base malt, yet may require filtering aids when constituting more than 50% of the grist due to its high protein content. With distinct notes of wheat flour, dough, bread, and some sweetness, Briess Red Wheat Malt will be a great addition to most traditional wheat beer recipes.
  • Usage Rate: up to 50%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 3.0

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