Pale Ale Malt - Weyermann

Pale Ale Malt - Weyermann - 1lb

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Weyermann Pale Ale Malt is slightly darker than your typical pale ale malt, adding a more robust and full flavour.

With hints of honey, dried fruits, and bread, this is an excellent base for English-style ales or lagers.

Description: The most commonly used malt type, which can be found everywhere from home breweries to huge industrial breweries, Pale Ale by Weyermann is an excellent and versatile base malt that can be employed in any beer style.

It is light in colour, and delivers a very mild, almost neutral malt flavour, which is quite pleasant even on its own. Pale Ale malt can constitute up to 100% of the grain bill, yet its high diastatic power allows it to be used with all types of adjuncts and specialty malts, serving as the backbone for a very broad range of flavours, colours and aromas.

Any beer style you can think of can employ Weyermann Pale Ale as a base malt with great results.
  • Usage Rate: up to 100%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 2.6 - 3.4

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