Oak Smoked Wheat - Weyermann

Oak Smoked Wheat - Weyermann - 1lb

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A malt handed down from generation to generation is used to produce Gratzer, a smoked beer historically popular in Northern Germany and Poland. It is related in style to the German weissbier but unique in that it is 100% a wheat beer.

Description: When you want to brew an authentic Grodziskie smoked beer, the only right way to do it is using Oak Smoked Wheat malt by Weyermann.

While being somewhat related in essence to the Rauchbiers of the Bamberg region, the Northern German/Polish beer style Grodziskie is distinct through the use of all wheat malt that is smoked to achieve the authentic flavour.

As a result, the Oak Smoked Wheat malt by Weyermann combines the distinct texture and mouthfeel of wheat malt and the pleasant oak smoke flavour and aroma common to smoked beer.
  • Usage Rate: up to 80%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 2.1 - 2.8

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