Caramel Malt (Crystal) 20L - Briess

Caramel Malt (Crystal) 20L - Briess - 1lb

  • $2.25

For the lightest of caramel touches in a beer, try the Briess Caramel 20 Malt. It is a very light crystal malt produced from high-quality European 2-row barley, which delivers a very light colour with golden hues and a pleasant caramel-like flavour.

Description: Due to a significant content of crystallized sugars, this malt will contribute to the beer’s body without requiring a higher mash temperature.

At lower rates of around 5% of the total grist, Caramel 20 can be used for providing balance and stability to very light beer styles like Pilsners and IPAs.

Adding more of it to the mash will result a slight colour change and a more pronounced candy-like caramel sweetness, which will benefit such styles as Amber Ale, Vienna Lager, Bock, Dark Lager, Dunkelweizen, Brown Ale, ESB, Stout, Porter, and many others.
  • Usage Rate: 3 - 15%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 20

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