Aromatic - Best Malt

Aromatic - Best Malz - 1lb

  • $2.05

Best Malz Aromatic Malt delivers a very pronounced malt flavour and aroma that brewers can apply in various beer styles. Made from the finest German 2-row barley, this malt is processed in a specific way to bring out the intense grainy flavours and enhance the overall malt character of the beer.

Description: This Aromatic by Best Malz imparts a deep copper colour to the wort, which can be used in Amber Ales, Red Lagers, Bocks, as well as Stouts, Brown Ales, and Porters.

The malty flavour it delivers can be quite assertive, so it’s generally recommended to keep the rates below 10% of the total grain bill for the best results.
  • Usage Rate: up to 50%
  • Degrees Lovibond: 16 - 23

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