Amber Malt - Thomas Fawcett & Sons

Amber Malt - Thomas Fawcett & Sons - 1lb

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Amber Malt by Thomas Fawcett is an integral component of many authentic British Milds, ESBs, Porters, Brown Ales, and Barleywines, though it can also be used in a other styles like IPAs and Imperial Stouts with impressive results.


Amber Malt - Thomas Fawcett & Sons - 1lb

It is a lightly roasted malt that imparts a deep red colour to the wort and delivers a pleasant biscuit-like flavour with a crisp, dry aftertaste. For best results in dark beer styles it is recommended to keep the rates below 20% of the grain bill, whereas lighter beers may employ Amber Malt in much smaller quantities.
  • Colour: 38 - 48° L (99.9 - 126.6 EBC)

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