Brewer's Best Amber Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

Brewer's Best Amber Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

  • $15.99

Getting the pleasant caramel character in an Amber Ale or Bock won’t be much of a problem when brewing with Amber Liquid Malt Extract.

Made with quality base malt and an assortment of specialty and crystal malts, this extract delivers a convenient solution for brewing malt-forward beers that will benefit from the slight caramel sweetness delivered to the wort.

Not to mention the deep amber colour with light red hues that will make you stare through the glass for hours.

Country of Origin: Canada
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 10 (EBC° 25.2)

Description: Amber Liquid Malt Extract is easy to use: just add the contents of the container into the boiling kettle according to the recipe and you will get a nice amber coloured wort that is ready for hopping, chilling, and yeast pitching.

No need to mash in the grains, sparge, and spend hours on extensive cleaning. This extract can also be used in all-grain recipes for boosting gravity, adjusting colour and flavour of the wort.

Best used while fresh, keep in a cool and dry place if there’s some extract left in the container after your brew day.

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