LalBrew NovaLager Modern Hybrid Dry Lager Yeast - Premium Series (11 g)

LalBrew NovaLager Modern Hybrid Dry Lager Yeast - Premium Series (11 g)

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This yeast is widely known for its well-balanced flavor profile and its ability to produce crisp and clean lagers. It is highly regarded for its excellent fermentation performance and its contribution to the production of authentic and clean lager beers. This unique Saccharomyces Pastorianus hybrid, derived from the revolutionary Renaissance lineage (Group III), is responsible for its distinctive characteristics and exceptional fermentation capabilities. The resulting flavor profile is exceptionally clean, with subtle hints of esters across a broad temperature range. It is commonly used to brew a variety of popular beer styles, including Munich Helles, Dortmunder Export, German Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner, American Pilsner, Vienna Lager, Oktoberfest/Märzen, Dark American Lager, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Traditional Bock, Doppelbock, Eisbock, and California Common.

For best results, it is recommended to ferment at a temperature between 50 to 68°F (10 to 15°C). This lager yeast exhibits high attenuation and high flocculation, ensuring a neutral flavor and aroma.

Yeast Statistics:

  • Attenuation: 78 - 84%
  • Flocculation: High
  • Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50 - 68°F
  • Alcohol Tolerance: High
  • Storage Temperature: 39°F

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