Keg Charger

Keg Charger

  • $19.49

The keg charger is a handy portable way of dispensing your already carbonated beer.

It does not require electricity making it great for all outdoor activities.


Portable C02 Keg Charger

With a ball or pin lock attached to the gas post on the keg, screw the charger to the disconnect. Remove the bottom portion of the charger and place a 16g C02 cartridge into the holder. Tighten the holder back in place with the cartridge inside. Tighten completely only once you are ready to dispense the beer.

To replace the cartridge use the same steps that are used to install it. This will prevent breaking the seal until your keg is empty.

If you are dispensing a full keg it takes less C02 to gain the desired effect. Dispensing a keg that is half full may require more C02.

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