US Warrior Hop Pellets - 1oz

US Warrior Hop Pellets - 1 oz (28 g)

  • $2.29

Usage: Bittering


Aroma: Its aroma is subtle pine.

Description: Known for its clear, crisp and balanced bittering profile, Warrior hop has rapidly become one of the most favourite bittering varieties in the craft beer industry. Thanks to its high alpha acid content, this hop offers substantial brewhouse economy, allowing for less hop material to be used for obtaining high IBU levels.

Warrior possesses a mild citrus and spice aroma, which goes really well with the juicier new wave aromatic hop varieties when brewing hop-forward beers. However, the true beauty of this hop is that it’s universal, performing well in just any beer style you can think of. A truly versatile bittering hop.
  • Alpha: 15.5 - 18%
  • Beta: 4.4 - 6%
  • Co-H: 25 - 28% of alpha acids
  • Total Oil: 1 - 2.5 mL/100g

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