US Cascade Cryo LupuLN2 Hop Pellets - 1 oz

US Cascade Cryo LupuLN2 Hop Pellets - 1 oz

  • $4.49

The evergreen classic Cascade variety comes in a new form that allows obtaining the fresh whole-leaf hop character we all love regardless of when you’re planning to brew. US Cascade Cryo LupuLN2 is the very lupulin powder containing all the aromatic compounds and bittering acids extracted from freshly picked hop cones in a low-temperature environment pelletized to provide excellent storage potential.

If you have ever brewed with whole-leaf Cascade hops, you know what difference it makes in the final beer, and with these pellets, you get the same unparalleled fresh character in a convenient form.

Description: Cascade is a true modern classic hop variety and with US Cascade Cryo LupuLN2 Hop Pellets you get to experience this hop from a new perspective. Produced through a proprietary cryogenic extraction process from fresh hop cones, these pellets contain fresh lupulin powder that is responsible for the trademark piney and citrusy mix, as well as the pleasant bittering flavour of Cascade hops.

This is as good as brewing with freshly picked cones, but with the advantage of having less leaf material to clog your tubing and kettles. An options that is best suited for brewing hop-bombs that require a lot of fresh hops.
  • Alpha Acid: 11 - 13%
  • Oil: 2.5 - 3.5%

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