Amarillo Hop Pellets - 1oz

Amarillo Hop Pellets - 1 oz (28 g)

  • $2.89

Usage: Aroma

Aroma: Floral, tropical and citrus (lemon, orange and grapefruit) characteristics.

Description: There are very popular hop varieties and then there’s Amarillo, which sits in a class of its own. A proprietary variety that was released only recently, Amarillo has taken the world of craft brewing by storm, and it certainly lives up to the hype.

It is considered a dual-purpose hop with substantial alpha acid content to lend a nice and bold bitterness to the beer. However, Amarillo is prized among brewers exclusively for its unique aroma, which is characterized by a very pronounced fresh orange fruit bouquet that delivers a refreshing twist to any beer its brewed with. Certainly a great hop for American Pale Ale and IPA, Amarillo can also be used in Bitters, Wheat Beers and Porters.
  • Alpha: 7 - 11%
  • Beta: 5.5 - 8%
  • Co-H: 20 - 24% of alpha acids
  • Total Oil: 1 - 2.3 mL/100g

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