Summit Hop Pellets - 1lb

Summit Hop Pellets - 1 lb

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Aroma: This hop has a very distinct citrus, earthly, and tangerine flavour.

It is great for bittering and for use in a variety of American and English style recipes.

Description: When a hefty charge of alpha acids is in order, you can’t go wrong with Summit.

This fairly new dwarf hop variety was developed by the American Dwarf Hop Association and has rapidly become one of the most popular bittering varieties among home and professional brewers alike. It’s mainly due to the clean and balanced flavour profile of Summit, with hints of citrus and spice when focusing on aroma.

This variety is very diverse and clean, suitable for just any beer style from Pilsner or Amber Ale to Double IPA or Barleywine. Can be used as a substitute for other high alpha varieties such as Columbus and Warrior.
  • Alpha: 15 - 17%
  • Beta: 5 - 6.5%
  • Co-H: 29 - 32% of alpha acids
  • Total Oil: 1.5 - 3 mL/100g

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