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Stainless Steel Hop Hanger

  • $40.99

Hang this basket in your kettle when you boil, and you'll have a place to put your hops and other flavours.

Saves the hassle of trying to tie the hops into a bag or sock, as all you have to do is drop the hops directly into the Hop Hanger.

Made from 304 Stainless Steel, the fine mesh keeps up to 99% of the hop solids out of your brew, while the large capacity leaves them room to move and steep.

Great for brews with large amounts of hops, or multiple stages of hop additions.

  • SS304
  • 6" Diameter Opening
  • 4" Diameter Bottom
  • 14" Height
  • 16 3/8" Height With Handle
  • 300 Micron Mesh

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