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Stainless Steel Hop Hanger 550

  • $68.99

Searching for an alternative method to contain your hops? Introducing a Stainless Steel hop hanger, designed to facilitate the heating of a generous quantity of hops!

This hop hanger boasts ample space to accommodate your hops during the brewing process. Simply hang it from the edge of your kettle and insert your hops.

With this hanger, your hops can steep and circulate freely, and its fine mesh effectively captures most hop solids.


  • All Stainless steel design.
  • Sanitary
  • 300 series micron filter
  • 5.25" Inner Diameter
  • 5.5" Outer Diameter
  • 14" Total length
  • All seams are robotic welded
  • 2" Tab allows the Hop Helper to be inserted below hoses and tubes in kettle walls
  • Dishwasher safe

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