Natural Raspberry Flavouring Extract - 4oz

All Natural Raspberry Flavour - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $6.89

Imagine how awesome a little touch of raspberry flavour would be in a summer Hefeweizen, Blonde Ale, or Sour Ale! And what if we told you that you don’t actually need to have raspberries in your inventory to make it work?

That’s right, with Brewer’s Best All Natural Raspberry Flavouring, you always have the possibility to add a nice, tart twist to virtually any beer style, or any homemade drink for that matter, and it takes only a few minutes before bottling or kegging to get it right.

Add the extract to the beer after fermentation is done, and adjust the flavour intensity by simply adding less or more to the final beer.

Usage: Some brewers have reservations about using flavourings in their beer, thinking that it’s a form of cutting corners of sorts.

However, using actual raspberries in a beer can pose a great technical challenge with unpredictable results if done incorrectly. At the same time, this natural flavouring allows for obtaining great results within a short time frame without the risk of beer contamination or off-flavour production.

And you can use it for making fruit wine, cider, mead, soda, or any other homemade beverage besides beer.

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