FermZilla Conical Fermenter Replacement Lid Seal O-Ring

FermZilla Conical Fermenter Replacement Lid Seal O-ring

  • $4.99

The Replacement Lid Seal O-ring is designed specifically for the FermZilla Conical Fermenter. It serves as a replacement for the original O-ring in case it gets damaged or lost during use. This O-ring plays a crucial role in ensuring a tight seal between the lid and the fermenter, preventing any leaks during fermentation. It is important to have a properly functioning O-ring to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the fermentation process. When replacing the O-ring, it is recommended to clean and lubricate it with a food-grade lubricant to ensure a secure seal. With this Replacement Lid Seal O-ring, you can confidently continue fermenting your favorite beverages with peace of mind.

Product Code: KL11426

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