FermZilla Conical Fermenter Graduation Sticker - 14.5 Gallon (55L)

  • $3.49

The Graduation Sticker for the FermZilla serves as a replacement component. It is specifically designed to be attached to the external surface of a 14.5 Gallon (55L) FermZilla, ensuring an accurate and easy-to-read measurement.

This part can be used as a replacement or kept as a spare, in addition to the standard one included in the base unit.

Compatible With:
  • FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 14.5 Gallon (55L) | Generation 2
  • FermZilla Tri-Clover Conical Fermenter - 14.5 Gallon (55L) | Generation 3


  • Adhesive Strip
  • Range: From 0 to 15 Gallons (57L)
Item Code: KL11440

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