FermZilla Conical Fermenter Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve - 3" TC X 2" TC | Gen 3

  • $44.99

The FermZilla Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve Assembly serves as a replacement part for FermZilla Conical Fermenters. It is specifically designed to connect to the harvest adapter on the collection container of your generation 3 FermZillas.

The base unit includes one standard, but this part can also be used as a spare or replacement. It features a 2" tri-clover connection at the open end, allowing for the attachment of additional equipment or hardware.

Please note: This assembly is only compatible with Gen 3 FermZilla Conical Fermenters and is not suitable for older Gen 2 models.

Compatible With:
  • FermZilla Tri-Clover Conical Fermenter - 7.1 Gallon (27L) | Gen 3
  • FermZilla Tri-Clover Conical Fermenter - 14.5 Gallon (55L) | Gen 3
  • Butterfly Valve
  • 1 7/8" Inside Diameter
  • Reduces from 3" TC to 2" TC
Product Code: KL26505

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