FermZilla 27L Conical Fermenter Jacket

FermZilla Conical Fermenter Jacket

  • $49.49

Protect and maintain the temperature of your 27L and 60L FermZillas with this convenient jacket. Designed specifically for these fermenters, it acts as insulation to ensure that your fermentation stays at the ideal temperature, even in colder environments. During the winter months, when temperatures drop, it can be challenging to keep your fermenter at the desired level. This jacket acts as a barrier, trapping heat and preventing any unwanted temperature fluctuations. By insulating your FermZilla, you can ensure that your yeast can work optimally and produce the best possible results.

In addition to temperature control, this jacket also offers protection against harmful UV rays. UV exposure can lead to off-flavors in your beer and affect the overall quality of your fermentation. By using this jacket, you can block out those harmful rays and maintain the integrity of your brew.

Easy to use, this jacket slips over your fermenter effortlessly, providing full coverage and an extra layer of insulation. It fits snugly, ensuring that heat is effectively trapped and UV rays are blocked. The high-quality material is durable and can be easily cleaned, making it a long-lasting accessory for your FermZilla.

Product Code: KL11488

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