FermFast Ceramic Raschig Rings - 1 lb

FermFast Ceramic Raschig Rings - 1 lb

  • $17.99

FermFast Ceramic Raschig Rings are true powerhouses when it comes to boosting your boil and filling your column. These rings have an impressive surface area that works wonders for enhancing the efficiency of your distillation or brewing process. Plus, they come at a budget-friendly price, making them a cost-effective choice.

Raschig rings, when used in the boil kettle, add nucleation to bottom of your liquid, enhancing the boil and helping mitigate volume expansion and boil overs.

When used to pack a distillation column, Raschig rings provide increased surface area for distillate to condense, promoting reflux and helping refine your final distillation product. Being porous, they can also absorb some of the more undesirable compounds during distillation.

For optimal results in a 2 or 3 inch column, the recommended ratio is to use one pound of Raschig rings along with copper mesh, which helps with the release of volatile sulfide compounds. This combination will maximize the effectiveness of your setup, helping you achieve the desired outcomes with confidence and precision.


  • Ceramic
  • 1/4" x 1/4"

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