Fermcaps Foam Control - 1oz

FermCap S Foam Control - 1 fl oz (30 ml)

  • $5.49

FermCap S Foam Control should be in every brewer’s ingredient inventory because it helps minimizing losses during boiling and fermentation. By reducing the foaming activity during these two crucial processes, Foam Control decreases the amount of wort lost to foaming, which can be considerable in cases of vigorous boil or fermentation.

What’s really great about this product, is that it won’t affect the foaming properties of the final beer, so you won’t have to worry about proper head forming and retention when using it.
Description: With just 1-2 drops of Fermcaps Foam Control per gallon of wort you will forget about the dirty boil-overs or the need to use blow-off tubes during fermentation. This silicone-based potion is highly effective during the hot-break and high krausean stages for reducing foam, while at the same time promoting the formation of compounds that ultimately help with foam formation and stability in the finished beer.

A single bottle of Foam Control is good for about 50 batches of homebrew, so having it in your brewing inventory is definitely a no-brainer.

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