Grain Defender False Bottom (for 8G Advanced Kettle)

  • $94.99

Want even more from your 8-gallon advanced brew kettle? Consider adding this grain defender false bottom to keep your grains in your brew pot and out of your fermenter.

  • Manufactured in Canada
  • 16 Gauge 304 Stainless steel for the entire build.
  • Laser cut to a tolerance of 10 micrometers or .0003"
  • 3/32 holes on 5/32 centers
  • Filters hops and adjuncts away from dip tube when used as a boil kettle accessory
  • Two piece assembly allows the collar to be used as a stand-alone trub damn
  • Handle for easy removal
  • Access for dip tubes, elbows, compression fittings etc with unique reinforced access hatch

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