EVABarrier Double Wall Tubing - 5/32" ID (4mm) X 5/16" OD (8mm)

  • $1.19

This tubing is called EVABarrier Double Wall Tubing and has an inner diameter of 5/32 (4mm). It is compatible with Push-In fittings like DuoTight, John Guest, and DM Fit that use 5/16 OD (8mm) brewing tubing. Although it appears cloudy, this tubing is translucent and its inner wall, made of a special polymer, protects against microbial growth, oxidation, and Co2 loss. The outer barrier of the tubing is made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), which makes it strong and resistant to kinks. 


  • Food Grade EVA
  • 5/32" ID x 5/16" OD
  • Tasteless - Odorless

Please note: Tubing is ordered by the foot, so the Quantity you add to your cart will be the number of feet of the tubing that we cut to ship.

Product Code: KL10887

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