Duotight Food Grade Plastic (Push-In) Oxygen Flow Meter - 5/16" (8mm)

Duotight Food Grade Plastic (Push-In) Oxygen Flow Meter - 5/16" (8mm)

  • $30.49

This Polymethyl Methacrylate and Food Grade Plastic Duotight (Push-In) Oxygen Flow Meter helps take the guesswork out of oxygenation.

Accurately measure how much oxygen is actually being added and get repeatable results every time by easily dialling in the flow rate.

It is recommended that a 0.5-micron diffusion stone be used in conjunction with the flow meter once yeast pitching temperatures are reached. Then, begin adding pure O2 at a 1L/min flow rate for about 60 seconds to reach the desired 10-14 ppm dissolved oxygen.

The flow meter comes with 1/4" MFL connections on the body, and two Duotight fittings are ready to be attached. You can use a swivel nut with barb if you are not using 5/16" OD (8mm) EVABarrier & Polyethylene Tubing.

  • 7/8" Width
  • 3 5/8" Height
  • 1 - Ball Float
  • 1 - Oxygen Flow Meter with 1/4" MFL
  • 2 - 1/4" FFL X 5/16" OD Duotight (Push-In) Fittings
  • Can Withstand 100 PSI
  • 1/4" MFL Connections (Body)
  • Duotight (Push-In) Connections
  • Poly(methyl methacrylate) Body
  • Scaled for 0.1 to 1.5 L/min Flow Rate
  • Duotight Fittings are Food Grade Plastic
  • Includes Dual Internal EPDM O-Rings for Superior Sealing
  • Designed for use with 5/16" OD (8mm) EVABarrier & Polyethylene Tubing

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