Duotight Food Grade Plastic (Push-In) Fitting - 3/8" Male NPT X 5/16" (8mm)

Duotight Food Grade Plastic (Push-In) Fitting - 3/8" Male NPT X 5/16" (8mm)

  • $4.69

The Duotight Food Grade Plastic Fitting is a versatile addition to your brewing setup. With a 3/8" Male NPT connection on one end and a 5/16" (8mm) Push-In fitting on the other, this fitting allows you to connect different components with ease.

The dual internal EPDM O-rings in this fitting ensure a reliable and leak-free seal. When using this fitting, it's important to cut your 5/16" OD (8mm) EVABarrier Polyethylene Tubing straight to achieve a complete seal. Once properly installed, you can confidently move your liquids throughout your system at a pressure of 60 PSI or less.

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with the Duotight Food Grade Plastic Fitting. Whether you're connecting different parts of your brewing system or making modifications, this fitting delivers reliable performance.


  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Push-In Connector
  • 3/8" Male NPT Threads
  • Works with 5/16" (8mm) EVABarrier Polyethylene Tubing
  • Rated to 60 PSI

Product Code: KL18067

Please note: This product is not to be used with chemicals.

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