Pectic Enzyme 28g (1oz)

Pectic Enzyme - 1 oz (28 g)

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When brewing fruit beer or making fruit wine, haze is common due to the presence of pectin – a polysaccharide contained in the walls of most fruit cells. Pectin haze can often be seen in beverages that have a high fruit content.

To prevent it and improve better juice extraction from fruits when brewing beer, making wine, or cider, it’s definitely useful to add Pectic Enzyme to the drink.

Description: Pectic Enzyme works by breaking down the long polysaccharide molecule into shorter simpler sugars that are easily processed by yeast during fermentation. By using this enzyme you will be able to get better fruit juice extraction, and respectively flavour, without making your beer or wine too opaque.

It is strongly recommended to use Pectic Enzyme when making any type of homemade alcoholic beverage – wine, beer, shandy, cider, etc. – that contains a lot of fruits. Typically used at rates of 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of finished product, added during or directly after the fermentation.

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