Dextrose (1lb.)

Dextrose - 1lb

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Dextrose is one of the most popular brewing adjuncts thanks to its broad availability and affordable price. Also known as corn sugar, dextrose is a simple sugar with excellent fermentability that has a very broad range of potential applications when it comes to brewing beer. Most of the brewer's yeast strains tend to ferment dextrose completely, which results in higher alcohol content and dryer palate, without affecting the overall flavour profile of the beer to a great extent.

Usage: Dextrose is also very popular for priming beer during bottling due to its clean profile and virtually no residual by-products after the bottle conditioning is carried out.

For brewing, the recommended amount is up 10% of the total grain bill for obtaining higher ABV and drier finish, whereas 15% tends to produce a pronounced dryness common for Belgian Tripel and Strong Ales.

So it’s always nice to have some Dextrose in your brewing inventory since it can be used in a wide range of brewing experiments with excellent results.

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