Oxygen Brewery Wash - 1lb

Oxygen Brewery Wash - 1lb

  • $12.99

Try this Oxygen Brewery Wash to clean your fermenter, bottles, tubing and more. Works with very little effort and leaves no chalky residue.

Fermenters, Fittings, Bottles, and Tubing: 1 oz per gallon of water.

Brew Kettles: 2 oz per gallon of water.

Either spray or immerse surfaces to loosen grit and soil for 5-20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and sanitize.


  • Quick dissolving powder
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Rinses clean - no chalky residue
  • Works well with brew kettles, corny kegs, fermentors, fittings, tubing and bottles

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