Kegland 'The Corny Floater' Cornelius Keg Lid

Kegland 'The Corny Floater' Cornelius Keg Lid

  • $38.49

'The Corny Floater' is specifically crafted to fit Cornelius Kegs and serves as an exceptional method to commence your drinking experience with crystal clear beer in the shortest time possible. As the beer levels decrease, the pick up tube maintains a position below the surface by 1 inch, ensuring that the dispensed beer remains the clearest until the keg is completely empty.

Comes with:

  • Carbonation Ball Lock Lid
  • Fermentasaurus 60cm Silicone Dip Tube
  • Stainless Steel Float Ball
  • Stainless Steel Stepless (Oetiker) Hose Clamp (10.5mm) x 2


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • Works with Cornelius Kegs
  • Integrated Pressure Relief Valve
  • Ball Lock Connection
  • 3 3/4" x 4 3/8"

Product Code: KL15721

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