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V3S Forward Sealing Creamer Faucet

  • $115.99

The Creamer Faucet is the ideal companion for aficionados. With its innovative enclosed piston and spring-loaded mechanism, it provides a consistent and steady pressure between the forward sealing O-ring and the seating area, resulting in a seamless flow of your favorite beverage. The experience is nothing short of magical, as if you were watching a perfectly synchronized dance.

The Creamer function will let you deposit a nice frothy head on your pint after the perfect pour. This sure elevates your presentation, as well as opens up your beer for better appreciation of the aromas.

What's more, the Creamer Faucet features a drip-free design that eliminates any annoying drips or leaks. You can enjoy your drink without worrying about messy spills or wasting precious drops. With the Creamer Faucet, you can confidently serve your guests and indulge in your beverage of choice without any hassle or inconvenience.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • Forward Sealing
  • Creamer Function
  • Fits conventional beer shanks and towers

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