Chugger Brew Pump X Dry – Inline

Chugger Brew Pump X Dry – Inline

  • $234.99

Made entirely out of FDA-approved materials, including the polysulfone impeller, the Chugger Brew Pump is perfectly safe for all your brewing tasks. It can handle liquid temperatures of up to 121°C and provide a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute, ideal for quick liquid transfers between all the brewing vessels in your system. Features 1/2" MPT inlet and an outlet for convenient and fast tubing connection.

This version of the Inline Chugger pump can be run dry without the risk of damage, but it is still not self-priming, so will need the liquid to reach the head before it pumps.


This inline chugger pump is the classic brew pump that will cover all your homebrewing needs. Whether it"s moving the hot water from the Hot Liquor Tank to the Mash/Lauter Tun, the wort to the Boiling Kettle, or running it through a plate or counterflow chiller, this pump has all the power you need to do all those things fast and easy. 

Its inline design makes connection very easy, while the stainless steel housing ensures that you can tighten your fittings really hard without risking any damage to the pump. Fit it horizontally or vertically to a wall or the brewhouse frame and the Chugger will do all the pumping work for you.

  • Inlet 1/2" MPT Outlet 1/2"
  • Stainless Steel (Front Housing), Stainless Steel (Rear Housing), Teflon (Thrust Washer), CLEAR Silicone (O-Ring), Polysulfone (FDA) (Impeller) 
  • Max Flow 7 GPM 22.7 LPM
  • Max Head 18.6 FT 4.1 M
  • Power .04 HP .029 KW
  • Electrical 115V 50/60HZ
  • Can handle liquids of 250F
  • Materials are FDA Food Compliant
  • Components are UL Recognized

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