Max Chugger Brew Pump - Repair Kit

MAX Chugger Brew Pump - Repair Kit

  • $119.09

A comprehensive Repair Kit designed specifically for the Max model of Chugger Brew Pump. This kit contains all the essential components needed to restore and repair your Max pump to its optimal working condition.

The repair kit includes a black silicone O-ring, impeller, thrust washer, and shaft€”key parts that play a crucial role in the pump's performance and functionality. By replacing these components, you can address any wear or damage and ensure the smooth operation of your Max Chugger Brew Pump.

Comes with:

  • O-Ring
  • Impeller
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Thrust Washer

Please note: This repair kit is for the Chugger MAX series only, and is NOT compatible with other series.

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