Golden Belgian Candi Syrup

Golden Belgian Candi Syrup 1lb Pouch

  • $7.89

To add flavour complexity and push alcohol levels higher in your next Tripel or Belgian Golden Strong Ale, you will definitely need some Golden Belgian Candi Syrup in your brewing inventory.

With a deep golden colour and a peculiar flavour profile comprised of light raisin and light caramel, this brewing sugar is an excellent ingredient for adding ABV without enhancing the beer's body and sweetness.

It is traditionally used by Belgian brewers for making high ABV beers, and now you can also explore the wonderful world of boozy Belgian ales with this excellent brewing sugar.

Usage: Golden Belgian Candi Syrup is an inverted sugar that is made up of simple highly fermentable sugars, which lends a pleasant golden hue to the wort with a distinct dryness common to simple sugar fermentations.

This syrup is usually added to the wort during the boil or to the finished beer after primary fermentation, which makes it suitable both for all-grain and extract brewing.

An excellent ingredient for brewing traditional Belgian strong ales, such as Belgian Strong, Tripel, as well as Double IPA, Imperial Stout and many others.

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