D-180 Extra Dark Belgian Candi Syrup

D-180 Extra Dark Belgian Candi Syrup 1lb Pouch

  • $7.89

When going dark and strong, D-180 Extra Dark Belgian Candi Syrup is just the thing you need to add an extra dimension of complexity to your brew.

Made from high-quality sugar using a traditional Belgian technique, this syrup has been processed at high temperatures for an extended period of time to deliver a deeper brown colour and a more pronounced burnt sugar flavour that is a trademark trait of such beer styles as Belgian Dubbel and Dark Strong Ale, among many others.

Usage: Comprised of simple sugar molecules, D-180 Extra Dark Belgian Candi Syrup offers high fermentability with a distinct dry finish, which will help to increase the brew"s ABV without making it too sweet like in the case of using extra malt.

Using this brewing syrup is really simple, as you only need to add it to the boiling kettle, which makes it suitable both for extract and all-grain brewing.

Suggested amount is 10-15% of the grain bill depending on the recipe, though can be used at higher rates for a more pronounced dark caramel flavour and drier finish.

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