Gluten Free BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup - 3.3lb

BriesSweet™ Gluten Free White Sorghum Syrup - 3.3lb

  • $14.49

Want to brew a gluten-free beer but think it’s impossible to pull off with a malt extract?

Think again! BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup by Briess is a gluten-free alternative to traditional malt extracts, containing virtually the same sugars and amino-acids found in malts.

As a result, you will be able to brew tasty, flavourful beers in various styles without the necessity of consuming gluten. Made from 100% natural, high-quality sorghum used as an alternative to barley, wheat and rye for malt production as it doesn’t contain gluten.

Country of Origin: United States
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 3 (EBC° 6.5)

Description: BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup is a liquid malt extract that is produced the same way all other malt extracts are made by mashing the grains, sparging them, and then dehydrating the resulting wort into a condensed syrup that delivers longer storage capability and allows you to brew without needing to mash the grains.

The wort you’ll obtain with this syrup will be very light in colour, allowing you to brew a variety of beer styles, especially when using brewing adjuncts, with a nice, neutral flavour, and what’s more important, completely free of any gluten content. Brewing healthy beers with extracts is possible after all.

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