CBW Pale Ale Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3lb

CBW Pale Ale Liquid Malt Extract (LME) - 3.3 lb

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Whether it’s a Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA, Amber Ale, Porter or any other type of ale, with Briess Pale Ale Liquid Malt Extract, you will be able to brew your beer in an efficient and laid-back fashion.

Add the contents of the container into the boiling kettle, and you get a nice light-coloured wort that may serve as a base for virtually any beer style out there, especially when using specialty malts and brewing adjuncts.

Made out of high-quality Briess Pale Ale malt that countless commercial breweries use, this liquid extract delivers wort that tastes just as good as the original grain malt.

Country of Origin: United States
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 6.0(EBC° 14.5)

Description: Briess CBW Pale Ale Liquid Malt Extract offers a variety of options when brewing beers.

It can be employed as the sole source of maltose, resulting in a light coloured wort with light bready notes that make Pale Ales so special.

By adding caramel, roasted, and other specialty malts you will be able to obtain a very broad range of colours and flavours with your beer.

All-grain brewers can also benefit from using this extract since it helps obtaining higher gravities without putting much of a strain on the brewhouse.

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