Dark Liquid Malt Extract Bucket (LME) - 30lb

  • $95.49

With Briess Traditional Dark Liquid Malt Extract Bucket, you will be able to brew excellent Stouts, Porters, Schwarzbier, Dark Ales, and other dark beers, and you’ll have the opportunity to do a lot of them. With 30 pounds of high-quality liquid malt extract, you can obtain up to 30 gallons of finished beer if using only the extract. With a mix of base, crystal, and specialty roasted malts, this extract lends a deep dark colour with an excellent roasted, slightly sweet flavour that fits well with most dark beer styles.

Country of Origin: United States
Usage Rate: up to 100%
Colour: Lovibond° 30 (EBC° 78.6)

Packaging may differ.

Description: Briess Dark Liquid Malt Extract Bucket is an excellent choice for homebrewers who either love brewing often or have large brewing systems and need a lot of extract to hit the target gravity.

All-grain brewers can also benefit from having such a pail around, since the extract will help you get higher gravity without putting too much grain into the mash tun. Whichever way you will use it, Briess Dark Liquid Malt Extract will help you brew the best rich, dark beers with a distinct character.

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