Amber Liquid Malt Extract Bucket (LME) - 30lb

  • $96.49

For a distinct malty character and rich amber colour get Briess Amber Liquid Malt Extract bucket and you will be able to brew a lot of excellent amber beers.

This bucket contains enough extract to brew nearly an entire liquid barrel of light amber beer if using only this extract. Add it to an all-grain recipe or use more extract with less water, and you will be able to obtain gravities high enough to make even a Barley wine!

With a rich malty, slightly caramel flavour and a pleasant amber colour, this extract is definitely an ingredient worth having around.

Country of Origin : United States
Usage Rate : up to 100%
Colour; Lovibond° 10 (EBC° 25.2)

 Packaging may differ from image.

Description: Briess Amber Liquid Malt Extract is an excellent choice for homebrewers with large brewing systems or craft brewers who need to be able to adjust their target gravity without using extra grains.

You can also use this pail with a standard homebrewing system, though it is strongly recommended to keep the bucket in a fridge once it’s open, and use up its contents as fast as possible in order to get that fresh malty character in your beers.

The variety of styles for brewing with this extract are impressive, so start brewing and you will definitely enjoy the results.

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